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Firm Fees

I handle all Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases on a flat fee basis. My fees for a Chapter 7 range from a minimum of $2,000.00 to a maximum of $6,000.00, depending on the complexity of the case. My median fee for a Chapter 7 is $2,500.00. My flat fee covers many things that paralegals cannot do, and other bankruptcy attorneys charge extra for. Half of the fee is due when you hire me, half is due immediately before filing of the bankruptcy petition. All costs are included except the Bankruptcy Court filing fee, which is $335.00 for a Chapter 7 and $310.00 for a Chapter 13. I typically charge $5,000.00 for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case for debtors who work for a company, and $6,000.00 for debtors who are self-employed, though complicated cases may involve additional fees. I typically ask my clients to pay me $2,000.00 before the filing of the Chapter 13 petition, with the balance of my legal fees being paid through the Chapter 13 plan. This allows my Chapter 13 clients to file bankruptcy and save their homes without having to pay me the entire legal fee before the filing of the bankruptcy petition. Regular wage earners who are able to make regular plan payments but do not have money for a retainer may qualify for my special no money down Chapter 13 plan. This lets my clients file Chapter 13 bankruptcy by paying only the court filing fee of $310.00 prior to filing bankruptcy. All legal fees are paid to me through the plan. This is an incredible deal!

Adversary Proceedings and Motions are handled either on a flat fee basis or an hourly basis, according to the preference of the client. The typical retainer for an Adversary Proceeding is between $5,000.00 and $10,000.00. My hourly rate is $595.00/hour. The hourly rate for my Senior Associate Attorney Sofya Davtyan is $495.00/hour. The hourly rate for my Associate Attorney Carolyn Afari is $435.00/hour. The hourly rate for my Associate Attorney Samuel Boyamian is $350.00/hour. The hourly rate for my law clerks and paralegals ranges from $200.00 to $225.00/hour. These rates are substantially less than those charged by other bankruptcy attorneys with similar experience. Unlike other attorneys, I never raise my hourly rates in the middle of a bankruptcy case.

Chapter 11 business reorganizations are billed hourly, with a typical retainer of $20,000.00 for an individual or small business Chapter 11. The filing fee for a Chapter 11 is $1,717.00.

For an exact fee quote in writing for your matter, call me at 310-271-6223 to discuss the specific facts and circumstances of your case.


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