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California Bankruptcy Forum Annual Insolvency Conference

My Puppies Bonnie & Clyde

My Puppies Bonnie & Clyde In Napa

Judge Bason

The Bankruptcy Bachelor Judge Neal Bason With Me And All Of My Attorneys

Every year, I participate in the California Bankruptcy Forum’s Annual Insolvency Conference.  This is a great way to mingle with California Bankruptcy Court Judges and other bankruptcy attorneys, get lots of relevant continuing education, and have lots of fun.  This year, the conference was held in Napa, California and I brought ALL of my attorneys.  I also brought my beautiful, highly intelligent girlfriend/CPA Jennifer Liu and our Britanny Spaniel puppies Bonnie and Clyde.  We all had a great time, and we all learned a lot.  Bonnie & Clyde helped me to win a $100.00 prize for the photo contest — animal division.  The bottom photo left to right is me, Maryam Behrouzi, Sheila Esmaili, The Honorable Neil Bason, Sofya Davtyan, and Ori Blumenfeld before Saturday night dinner at a local winery.  A good looking group if I do say so myself!

Past bankruptcy forum events that I have attended  have given me a chance to get to know our local bankruptcy judges personally.  This is how I know that Judge Barry Russell is a good ping pong player and loves dogs.  This is how I know that Judge Sheri Bluebond can sing and dance and is the proud mother of beautiful twins.  This is how I know that Judge Erithe Smith is also a Zumba Instructor (I took her class). This is how I know that Judge Peter Carroll likes pinball machines.  This is how I know that Judge Scott Clarkson is really a teddy bear and not scary at all (like some people think).  It is also a great time to discuss legal issues with the judges.   You can bet that I will continue to attend and enjoy the California Bankruptcy Forum’s Annual Insolvency Conference every year, including upcoming conferences in Indian Wells, San Diego and (my personal favorite) Squaw Valley, CA.

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