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Notice of Filing Official Transcript

Many of my clients have contacted me regarding a notice that they received from the Bankruptcy Court in the SSH case. This notice is entitled “Notice of Filing Official Transcript” and is dated November 4, 2008. No action is required by any of my clients with regards to this notice. I used my CM/ECF and PACER logins to read the entire 61 page transcript to see if it contains any personal information for any of my clients that should be redacted. The transcript does not contain any such personal information. The transcript is entitled “TRANSCRIPT OF PROCEEDINGS OF STATUS HEARING RE: TRUSTEE’S MOTION TO SELL REAL PROPERTY IN PROVO, UTAH, NO. 1135 AND ORDER SHORTENING TIME RE: TRUSTEE’S MOTION FOR PROTECTIVE ORDER REGARDING SUBPOENA AND MOTION TO QUASH SUBPOENA ON ORDER SHORTENING TIME, NO. 1142 VOLUME 1 16 BEFORE THE HONORABLE MIKE K. NAKAGAWA UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY JUDGE.” The transcript is for a Court hearing that took place on October 22, 2008. The Trustee in the SSH bankruptcy case James Lisowski appeared, as did his counsel, counsel for the Student Loan Corporation (“SLC”), Counsel for Orix Finance Corporation, and counsel for Jerry Airola. At the hearing, the parties and the Court discussed the Trustee’s request for a protective order and The Student Loan Corporation’s objection to a Proof of Claim filed by Jerry Airola. Counsel for the Trustee spoke of the time, difficulty and expense in locating specific documents requested by SLC. He spoke about how the documents sought by SLC were consolidated from 35 different locations and now housed in 5 different storage facilities, intermixed with confidential student records. SLC’s counsel spoke of SLC’s interest not only in objecting to Airola’s Proof of Claim, but possibly also in filing an Adversary Proceeding against Airola and other individuals. She referred to allegations that SSH never had the ability to provide the services that it was advertising and stated that SLC may have Nevada Deceptive Trade Practices Act claims and racketeering claims. Judge Nakagawa granted a protective order for 90 days, and set a continued status conference on the matter for January 21, 2009.

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