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Silver State Helicopters, LLC

Gail, Georgeann and I have taken on a new big case: representation of many of the 2,700 former students of Silver State Helicopters who are now creditors of Silver State Helicopters. These students never received the helicopter training and certifications that they were promised. Most were left with huge student loan debts. Tens of Millions of dollars are unaccounted for as Silver State Helicopters, LLC abruptly closed its doors and filed for bankruptcy protection in the United States Bankruptcy Court, District of Nevada in Las Vegas. Anyone seeking representation in this bankruptcy case or more information about this case is invited to call me, Gail or Georgeann at the office 310 271-6223.

Silver State Student Christian Shaffer, Gail and I were all interviewed at our law offices on February 14, 2008 by local ABC news reporter Elaine Gouda. Our interview is part of a story on the Silver State Helicopters bankruptcy that will air on ABC local news later this week.

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