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Bankruptcy Options for Small Businesses in Financial Distress

Navigating financial challenges is a common part of running a small business. But when the burden of debt becomes too heavy to bear, owners have legal alternatives to shutting down the enterprise. The primary bankruptcy options that allow small businesses to stay in operation are Chapter 11 and Chapter 13. Which option is best suited […]

Subchapter V Can Protect Personal Assets During a Small Business Wind Down

Small business is a critical component of the U.S. economy. However, starting a business is risky and many ventures fail. Startups and even businesses of some duration may be partially capitalized by the owners’ personal funds and debt obligations. When the business ceases to operate, the owners can be left with crushing debt burdens. Fortunately, […]

How Subchapter V Helps Individual Debtors Get Chapter 11 Plans Confirmed

Chapter 11 is used mostly by financially stressed companies seeking protection from creditors while working to pay off debt and return to solvency. This form of bankruptcy relief is also available to qualifying individual debtors, but until recently it was too complex and costly to be feasible for them. However, the Small Business Reorganization Act […]

Meeting the Subchapter V Test of Being “Engaged in Commercial or Business Activities”

The Small Business Reorganization Act (SBRA), enacted in 2020, created a new procedure called Subchapter V, which made it easier for small businesses to file for Chapter 11 protection. Since then, Subchapter V has been used extensively to help business owners regroup, reorganize and return to solvency when they otherwise would have gone under. However, […]

Weighing Chapter 11 and Chapter 13 as Bankruptcy Options for Small Business Owners

A small business depends on its goodwill and name recognition, which are viable assets only if the business stays in operation. If your company is having financial difficulty but could turn the corner to profitability with some help, restructuring your debt through bankruptcy could be your best option. Depending on your circumstances, a Chapter 11 […]

Deciding What Type of Business Bankruptcy to File

Opening a small business is exciting but risky. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 20 percent of small businesses fail in the first year. By the end of year five, 50 percent have failed. And after 10 years, 70 percent have gone out of business. For many small business owners, seeking bankruptcy protection […]

COVID-19 Complicates Estimation of Future Income for Subchapter V Reorganizations

The Small Business Reorganization Act (SBRA) offers a simpler and more affordable alternative to the traditional Chapter 11 bankruptcy process, which historically has been of little use to modest-sized companies. The SBRA procedure, known as Subchapter V, allows such businesses to create three- to five-year repayment plans based their “projected disposable income.” However, the recession […]

Using Cramdowns to Advantage in Subchapter V Bankruptcy

Subchapter V is a simplified form of Chapter 11 bankruptcy that was created to make the reorganization process more accessible to small businesses. One advantage of Subchapter V is the reduction of a company’s debts through use of a procedure known as a cramdown. Subchapter V bankruptcy has become especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic. […]

How the CARES Act Expands the Reach of Small Business Bankruptcy Protection

In February 2020 the Small Business Reorganization Act went into effect, creating a low-cost, streamlined procedure, known as Subchapter V, for small businesses seeking bankruptcy protection from creditors. No sooner had the law gone into effect than the COVID-19 virus hit the U.S., with a resulting economic recession that put thousands of businesses across the […]


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