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How to File Bankruptcy and Keep Your Property

Bankruptcy offers a sound solution for emerging out of insurmountable debt. The thought of losing property during the bankruptcy process can be un-nerving for many people. With the advice of an experienced Los Angeles bankruptcy attorney your property can survive bankruptcy. When you file bankruptcy, all debts are divided into two categories: secured and unsecured. […]

Chapter 11 Debt Relief for Struggling Businesses

Sex and social networking isn’t selling as well as Penthouse thought. FriendFinder Networks Inc. — the publisher of the popular adult magazine and several adult-entertainment websites — recently filed for bankruptcy relief under Chapter 11. In 2007, the company purchased a network of dating sites. Instead of turning profits like other social networks, Friendfinder lost […]

California Homeowner Bill of Rights Takes Affect

Thanks to a new law foreclosure activity in California appears to be on the decline. This downward trend seems to coincide with the passage of the California Homeowner Bill of Rights (HBR) which took effect in January 2013. The legislature introduced HBR in response to the more than one million homes that went into foreclosure […]

What Are Bankruptcy Adversary Proceedings?

Anyone who fails to follow the conditions prescribed by the bankruptcy proceedings can face a bankruptcy trial to settle the matter. Creditors in Los Angeles might take legal action if they are not satisfied with the amount of debt to be repaid before discharge. Bankruptcy filers can also take legal action against creditors, as might […]

Can I Keep My Los Angeles Home in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Discharge?

As you might expect, the ability to stay in a home after filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy varies based on many factors for homeowners in Los Angeles and throughout California. For some people, Chapter 13 might be a better option because it allows you to restructure the terms of your mortgage. However, if you own […]

Can You Rebuild your Credit with Bankruptcy?

Believe it or not your credit score may improve after you file for bankruptcy. Most people wait to file a bankruptcy petition after their credit score falls due to accumulated negative marks on your credit report, such as “unpaid,” “past due,” “charged-off”.  This is the type of debt that creditors consider unlikely to be collected. […]

What Are the Benefits of a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Despite some common beliefs, it is often an unfortunate event, such as an illness – not overspending – that pushes people into bankruptcy. Chapter 13 has many benefits for those seeking relief by offering debtors a manageable debt repayment plan. With the right guidance, Chapter 13 filers regain control of their debt and make a […]

Bankruptcy Terms You Should Know

Sometimes an educated consumer can get confused with many of the terms associated with filing bankruptcy. Even more confusing to most people is the process of eliminating debt through bankruptcy. While bankruptcy aims to relieve individuals and business from debt stress, the rules can intimidate and discourage anyone at first glance. If you finances are […]

Stopping Creditor Harassment

Once you have filed your bankruptcy petition an automatic stay goes into effect, which protects you (the debtor) from creditor harassment. This means creditors are no longer permitted to attempt to or collect any debt from you. They cannot call you or visit you to ask for repayment. They cannot sue you or garnish your […]

Is Filing for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy a Better Option Than Chapter 7 for Preventing Foreclosure on My Home?

Timing can make a major difference in the available options for preventing foreclosure. The best time to talk with Los Angeles foreclosures attorneys is as soon as you foresee problems in keeping current with mortgage payments. Depending on the timing and the details of your financial circumstances, either Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy may […]


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